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Illustration of intersecting lines and icons representing security.

45% of IT struggle with saas security. Here’s why

Cloud security concerns? Get tips to safeguard data, automate tasks & leverage RBAC for a more secure cloud.

Stephanie Solis
4 min read
BarkSaved1200Hours ftr img

How BARK Saved Over 2,000 Hours of Manual IT Work With BetterCloud

Learn how BARK eliminated over 2,000 hours of manual IT work with BetterCloud.

2 min read

Set It and Forget It: Using BetterCloud Workflows to Automate Your SaaS Security

Learn how to keep sensitive data residing in your SaaS apps secure in our 30-minute video. BetterCloud experts show you how to create alerts and workflows that efficiently and effectively enforce IT security policies.

2 min read
AchievingCompliance featureimage

Achieving Compliance with IGA and SMP Tools

Learn how to improve compliance with IGA and SMP tools, and why they secure large organizations’ SaaS environments to help them pass compliance audits.  

Natalie Robb
6 min read
FeatureImage Why Discovering Your SaaS Environment Is Important to Your Compliance Program

The Importance of Limiting the Risk of Unauthorized SaaS Applications

It’s clear that shadow IT and SaaS sprawl is bigger than any IT administrator is currently aware of. That’s why it’s critical to look at hidden risks of unauthorized SaaS apps, and how to limit risk to remain in compliance with security policies. Here’s how you can get started.

Natalie Robb
3 min read
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