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State of SaaSOps

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Top SaaS applications from IT and automation leaders in 2024

Unveiling the tech stack all-stars from BetterCloud’s State of SaaS Report! Explore the most-valued applications by IT leaders, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Asana, Atlassian, AWS, and more. Discover how BetterCloud can optimize your tech stack!

2 min read

IT Budgeting 2023: 7 Reasons to Include Automation

As you contemplate your IT budget for 2023, learn why you should make automation a key priority in the coming year.

Natalie Robb, BetterCloud
6 min read
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The 2023 State of SaaSOps Report

The 2023 State of SaaSOps is here! From SaaS sprawl to sensitive data exposure, IT is facing more challenges (and opportunities) than ever. Take a look at the new findings and key trends from this year’s report.

2 min read
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The 2021 State of SaaSOps Report

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our 2021 State of SaaSOps report. Here’s what this year’s survey of 523 IT and security professionals revealed about SaaSOps, automation, and SaaS management at scale.

7 min read
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The 2020 State of SaaSOps Report

In the early part of the year, we watched SaaS power a historic workforce transformation. But what are the biggest challenges, priorities, and goals when managing SaaS at scale? To find out, we surveyed nearly 700 IT and security professionals. Here’s what the data revealed.

David Politis
4 min read