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The Top IT Habits of Successful Unicorns (Panel Recap)

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BetterCloud founder and CEO David Politis recently hosted an online panel discussion with IT leaders from three unicorn companies: Vicky Couturier, IT systems director at InVision; Anthony Ancheta, IT manager at Lime; and Matt Kauffman, IT help desk manager at Toast. The panelists shared their IT philosophies, how they solve their biggest IT challenges, and their top habits for scaling IT operations.

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Product Tip Tuesday: 3 Ways You Can Extend BetterCloud's Power to New Applications

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Earlier this year we released the ability to extend BetterCloud to any SaaS application. Since that release, our customers have created some brilliant use cases in order to solve their unique business challenges. We want to share the three most popular ways customers have extended BetterCloud to solve common use cases in other SaaS applications.

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Securing SaaS Apps in the Modern Workplace

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SaaS gives end users endless ability to collaborate with others, share data, and access files from anywhere at anytime. However, these features have created a swath of new security threats that IT and security teams are still learning how to navigate. Principal Analyst for 451 Research Garrett Bekker and BetterCloud’s Chief Product Officer Jim Brennan discussed the unique security challenges that cloud adoption presents and SaaS Operations Management, the emerging category that is filling a gap in cloud security.

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