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The IT Handbook to Choosing the Right SaaS App

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Choosing a new SaaS tool means combing through lists of dozens (dozens!) of similar apps, and it can be hard to tell which is the right one for the job. As an IT admin there’s a lot more to consider than just “Does this get the job done?” when evaluating a new or replacement SaaS tool. Today’s IT organizations have to deal with an incredible number of applications to administer and secure, on top of our more traditional tasks. And yet, IT admins are still very much needed to help evaluate SaaS applications before purchase. So how do we do this? And more importantly, how do we make this a sustainable, scalable process?

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IT Community Discussion Recap: IT Leaders Share How They’re Successfully Enabling Remote Workforces

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As fully remote workforces become the new normal, IT is facing new unexpected challenges. How do you empower end users to be productive (and secure)? How do you keep everybody updated? And logistically, how do you provide physical laptop inventory to remote workers? We recently pulled the IT community together to discuss all of this—and more.

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2020 SaaSOps Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right SaaSOps Solution for Your Organization

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As the leader in SaaSOps, we created the 2020 SaaSOps Buyer’s Guide to help you understand how a SaaSOps tool is the perfect complement to your new environment and what to consider when purchasing a SaaSOps solution. This guide also helps you better understand the value a SaaSOps solution adds to your current technology stack and how to build a business case for a solution.

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Letter to Customers: Serving the IT Community During COVID-19

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As the COVID-19 outbreak unfolds, and companies are finding themselves thrust into a distributed workforce, IT is at the forefront of enabling this “new normal.” And we want you to know: we’re here for you. Lean on us. We’ve been through a lot together, and that’s not about to change. We’d like to help.

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Enabling Remote Work? BetterCloud Can Help

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We’re seeing an unprecedented shift to remote work, which brings new challenges for IT. Here are a few easy ways BetterCloud can help IT enable remote work, so you can keep your employees productive and secure. We hope these tips can help you build a successful, secure remote work culture that withstands crises and beyond.

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Announcing Content Scanning: File Security Your Users Will Love


Here at BetterCloud, we fundamentally believe that enabling productivity should not be at odds with securing your organization’s most sensitive data. And starting today, they don’t have to be. We are proud to announce the release of Content Scanning. BetterCloud’s Content Scanning bolsters your data protection strategy and gives IT teams the power to secure files and sensitive information across SaaS applications, without inhibiting employee productivity.

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