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Altitude 2021

ReducingSaaSSprawl FeatureImages

Reducing the Risk of SaaS Sprawl with the Power of Automation

Our 30-minute on-demand workshop explores the risks posed by SaaS sprawl, and shows you how to proactively identify and manage them with BetterCloud.

2 min read

Set It and Forget It: Using BetterCloud Workflows to Automate Your SaaS Security

Learn how to keep sensitive data residing in your SaaS apps secure in our 30-minute video. BetterCloud experts show you how to create alerts and workflows that efficiently and effectively enforce IT security policies.

2 min read

Enhancing the Employee Experience with Custom BetterCloud Integrations

As SaaS adoption continues to transform the workplace, IT departments are finding themselves increasingly responsible…

2 min read
ZeroTouch AltitudeRecap FeaturImage

Getting to Zero Touch: Creating Onboarding and Offboarding Workflows that Start in HR (Not IT)

The Great Resignation is shaking up companies across sectors and industries. IT teams are finding…

2 min read

Honoring the 2021 SaaSOps Stars Award Winners

We’re thrilled to announce the 2021 SaaSOps Stars Award Winners! Join us in giving a warm congratulations to these five outstanding SaaSOps professionals.

Natalie Robb
4 min read
AltitudeRecap day2

#Altitude21 Day 2 Recap: SaaS Management Platforms Are on the Rise, and Woz Stops By for a Chat

Here are a few key takeaways from a jam-packed Day 2 of Altitude 2021, the premier conference for SaaSOps professionals.

3 min read
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#Altitude21 Day 1 Recap: IT Continues to Reinvent Itself, Plus a Chat With the Assistant (to the) Regional Manager

Check out the highlights from Day 1 of #Altitude21 in this recap. Spoiler: You missed a lot, but don’t worry. We’ll catch you up.

3 min read
CenturyOfSaaS FeatureImage

The Reinvention of IT: How IT Can Thrive in the Century of SaaS

As we enter the Century of SaaS, IT is being reinvented. Learn what IT’s new mindset looks like—and how you can seize the massive opportunity that lays ahead.

David Politis
7 min read
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