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Getting to Zero Touch: Creating Onboarding and Offboarding Workflows that Start in HR (Not IT)


November 11, 2021

2 minute read

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The Great Resignation is shaking up companies across sectors and industries. IT teams are finding themselves busier than ever, managing all the joiners, movers, and leavers. 

To keep up with all the churn, IT team members are spending hours on tedious, repetitive onboarding and offboarding tasks. In some companies, new hires are waiting weeks to get started, and departing employees are retaining access credentials for far too long.

One of the simplest ways out of this time-consuming, error-prone scenario is by automating manual tasks such as account creation, shared document access, sending notification emails, device deployment, and more.

“We need to automate the things that computers can do, so that people can do the things only people can do.”

Jen Fish, Implementation Specialist at BetterCloud

With a SaaS management platform (SMP) like BetterCloud, you can build automated, zero-touch workflows for your company’s user lifecycle management (ULM). Zero-touch offboarding and onboarding will free up hours of staff time every time someone joins, leaves, or changes job title or department. 

While the term “zero touch” may imply “zero clicks” or “zero typing,” the reality is that for most IT processes, you will never completely get away from someone putting their hands on a keyboard or mouse at some point.

“When we say Zero Touch IT, we really mean reducing the number of touch points your team has to be involved with on a day-to-day basis in order to get work done”

— Brian Farrell, Senior IT Manager at BetterCloud

However, there are ways to get very close to that zero-touch dream. With BetterCloud’s workflow templates and Custom Triggers, you can set up zero-touch processes that require no IT involvement. For example, someone in HR can simply complete a Google form or submit a Jira ticket to kick off a fully automated, complete onboarding process.

At Altitude 2021, BetterCloud experts presented a 30-minute workshop that walks through in detail how to use BetterCloud and Jira to create a fully automated onboarding workflow that could start in HR instead of IT. They review BetterCloud best practices, important considerations, and even include a look at a useful third-party tool you can use to validate webhooks. We invite you to watch it below, and learn how you can save your team time and stress by implementing zero-touch ULM.

YouTube video

Altitude 2021 was filled to the brim with in-depth sessions just like this one, from topics that range from custom integrations to addressing new IT security risks. You can browse additional workshops and keynote videos in our Altitude 2021 resource library.