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Enhancing the Employee Experience with Custom BetterCloud Integrations


November 22, 2021

2 minute read


As SaaS adoption continues to transform the workplace, IT departments are finding themselves increasingly responsible for employee productivity. Managing basic user access to a large SaaS portfolio is already taking up hours and hours of IT time. However, to be truly productive right away, new hires also need quick access to in-app resources such as Google Drive folders, Kanban boards, and Slack channels. 

IT teams can easily get bogged down by this endless stream of user access requests, which require them to complete repetitive, manual tasks across multiple applications. This is when a SaaS management platform (SMP) like BetterCloud can be a powerful tool. BetterCloud’s no-code workflows can automate tasks like user account creation and resource access across an entire SaaS portfolio.

Out of the Box + Custom Integrations = Automation Across Your SaaS Portfolio

Out of the box, BetterCloud has more than 60 pre-built integrations with the most widely-used SaaS applications. Workflow templates are available to customize, created from the most commonly-automated IT processes, such as onboarding, offboarding, and mid-lifecycle management. 

However, new SaaS apps are being developed every day, and thousands are available already. With so many options on the market, every IT environment ends up with a different (and growing) portfolio of apps. One way to meet your company’s unique SaaS management needs is by using custom BetterCloud integrations.

“With 13,000 SaaS apps in the world, we want to make sure you have the flexibility to connect to the SaaS apps that are important to you, increase your IT efficiency, and make sure all those manual tasks you are executing can be automated.”

—Mohammed Khalid, Director of Solutions Engineering at BetterCloud

BetterCloud’s integration center offers powerful ways to add to the platform’s core capabilities. With a few quick steps, you can add an extension to an existing integration, enabling BetterCloud to go beyond actions like adding and removing users. You can also build a net new integration that adds actions from more of the apps in your SaaS portfolio into BetterCloud workflows and alerts.

Learn to Add New Actions to Existing Integrations and Create Workflows that “Listen” for Custom Triggers

At Altitude 2021, BetterCloud experts presented a workshop highlighting two popular use cases for custom integrations. The first demonstration shows you how to extend Planview LeanKit’s default BetterCloud integration to include adding and removing user access to existing Kanban boards. Then, our experts teach you how to add this action into a BetterCloud workflow.

The second use case walks you through how to set up BetterCloud workflow that “listens” for a custom trigger from Jira Service Desk, and then takes action automatically. This demonstration starts with creating a Jira Service Desk ticket form for requesting application access to Slack, and passing its data into BetterCloud. Then, we show you how to build a workflow from that data that adds the user to Slack without IT having to take any manual actions. You can also see how ticket data can be used as an “IF” condition, enabling you to create multiple workflows that automatically add users to the application requested by the ticket.

We invite you to watch the workshop below, and learn how to use BetterCloud’s integration center to enhance the experience of employees in your company.

YouTube video

Altitude 2021 was filled to the brim with in-depth sessions just like this one, from topics that range from zero-touch automation to addressing new IT security risks. You can browse additional workshops and keynote videos in our Altitude 2021 resource library.