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IT Automation

Image showing Snowflake logo with a warning symbol over it.

Snowflake’s latest breach: An offboarding fail?

Was one of the largest security incidents in history a result of an offboarding fail?

Jesse Levin
2 min read
Illustration of a woman sitting amongst several browser windows

How to prevent “shelfware” and optimize SaaS usage

Many businesses fall into the trap of “shelfware”, where they purchase software, but don’t fully utilize it. This not only wastes money, but hinders productivity.

Stephanie Solis
3 min read
Illustration of two people shaking hands with a gear and a grid of dots in the background.

Smooth sailing: Simplifying mergers with automated onboarding

Learn how BetterCloud streamlines onboarding, enhances security, and ensures a successful acquisition.

3 min read
Image of gears showing how BetterCloud can automate software access requests

Automating Software Access Requests with BetterCloud

BetterCloud can help you deploy easy to build workflows which allows your team to completely automate software access requests.

Grant Gumina
3 min read
Computer screens showing error notifications

Monitoring for Okta breaches using BetterCloud Workflows

How can you protect your business from future Okta breaches? Automate checks and secure your company with BetterCloud’s IT workflows.

Grant Gumina
4 min read
itautomationwithslack part2

IT Automation with Slack: File Security, Least Privilege Access, and War Rooms

Dive into three more great use cases you can automate with BetterCloud and Slack. Our blog and demo video showcases file security, least privilege access, and creating virtual war rooms.

3 min read

IT Automation with Slack: Onboarding and Channel Maintenance

In this blog + video demo, learn how to automatically create Slack accounts for new hires and add them to channels. We also show you how to automatically clean up unused Slack channels.

3 min read

IT Automation with Zoom

Our blog + short video demo show you 3 quick and easy ways that anyone on your IT team can automate with Zoom and BetterCloud.

3 min read