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Image showing Snowflake logo with a warning symbol over it.

Snowflake’s latest breach: An offboarding fail?

Was one of the largest security incidents in history a result of an offboarding fail?

Jesse Levin
2 min read
Illustration of a person running from a google workspace logo

5 Google Workspace admin nightmares (and how BetterCloud makes them disappear)

Conquer common Google Workspace admin nightmares with BetterCloud! Automate tasks, manage users, and secure data all in one centralized platform.

Stephanie Solis
4 min read
Illustration showing an exchange of a contract for dollar bills.

Vendor negotiation strategies: Renew contracts like a pro

Negotiating vendor contracts doesn’t have to be a fight. This guide will show you how to collaborate with vendors to reach win-win agreements, along with common mistakes to avoid and how to use BetterCloud to strengthen your negotiation strategy.

Mara Calvello (Content Marketing Manager at G2)
7 min read
Illustration of a person sitting on a coin with icons circling around them.

Smart SaaS budgeting: Refine your spend strategy for 2024

Feeling overwhelmed by software subscriptions? Learn how to create a smart SaaS budget and make your tech stack work for you. This guide covers budgeting steps, common mistakes to avoid, and how BetterCloud can simplify the process.

Lauren Pope (Former G2 Content Marketer)
7 min read
Illustration of a robot with a magnifying glass looking at gold amongst gears.

The AI tax: What IT pros need to know

Discover how the AI tax is quietly inflating your software bills and learn how to combat it with a robust SaaS management platform (SMP). Stay ahead of unexpected costs and take control of your organization’s software expenses.

Stephanie Solis
2 min read