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How to Audit Improve Enhance Your BetterCloud Workflows FeatureImage

How to Audit, Improve & Enhance Your BetterCloud Workflows

We surveyed a variety of BetterCloud product experts to find the answers to these questions. Here’s what they had to say (spoiler: They had very strong convictions on the importance of auditing your BetterCloud workflows and tips for doing so effectively).

5 min read
What can BC Automate FeatureImage

What BetterCloud Can Automate in 2020, Explained in 9 GIFs

Even just thinking through all the automation possibilities can overwhelm an experienced IT administrator. Based on our conversations with IT experts across the organization, here are just a few critical business processes that BetterCloud can automate in 2020.

5 min read
31 modern security tips ftr

A Top G Suite Expert Shares His 31 Best Modern Security Tips

If you ever wanted to find a treasure trove of excellent security tips — written by a top Google expert in a lively, easy-to-understand way — then look no more. Kevin A. McGrail is a cybersecurity and privacy expert who is also ranked as the #1 contributor in the world on Google’s official G Suite platform, Google Cloud Connect. In this post, he shares 31 recommendations and best practices related to passwords, email security, and more. While some of these tips are specific to G Suite, many are broader ones that can help secure any system.

Kevin A. McGrail
15 min read
blindspotsdropbox ftr

Blind Spots in Dropbox: 5 Things You Didn’t Know Your End Users & Admins Could Do

Dropbox provides plenty of flexibility to collaborate on and streamline work, but end users and admins can do and see things you might not be aware of. For example, end users can create public links to entire folders. Admins can sign in as any user and view sensitive information. To minimize security risk and exposure, here are five blind spots you should know about.

5 min read
blindspotsslack ftr 1

Blind Spots in Slack: 5 Things You Didn’t Know Your End Users & Admins Could Do

In Slack, end users and admins can do (and view) some things that might surprise you. From creating public links to files to inviting external users to any public channels, here are five blind spots that you should be aware of.

7 min read
4securitymesauresemailfwding ftr

Who’s Forwarding Emails Outside Your Domain? Here’s Why They Do It and How to Stop Them.

Malicious or accidental configurations of automatic email forwarding rules are one of the most common causes of data exposures and compliance breaches. If employees are automatically forwarding email outside your domain, there’s a high likelihood that something is wrong. Here are 4 simple steps to address the issue once and for all.

4 min read
zendesk betterit ama ftr

22 Questions: Here’s What Our IT Community Asked Zendesk Senior Product Manager Max McCal

Zendesk Senior Product Manager Max McCal joined our Slack-based community, BetterIT, for an exclusive Q&A. A wide-range of questions were answered, including many about the Zendesk product itself, improving IT helpdesk efficiency, and the future of support.

8 min read
commandents saaspoweredworkplace ftr1

Seeking SaaS Management Success? These 11 Guiding Principles Will Get You There

In this recap, we share the video, slides, and transcript of our in-depth webinar, “The 10 Commandments of the SaaS-Powered Workplace.”

28 min read
slackadmin ftr

Slack Admin 101: 5 Simple (Yet Essential) Tasks Every Slack Team Owner Should Know

IT admins working for companies that use Slack must know that it requires significant IT administration, especially if it’s housing sensitive company data.

2 min read
itwelcomechecklist ftr 1

Onboarding Isn’t Just Provisioning: Are You Leaving Out This Vital Step?

So you’ve provisioned your new user in Google Apps, set him up with a shiny new account, and added him to the right groups and OU. Think your onboarding job is done? Not so fast. To really set up your users for success, there’s one more step you should take.

4 min read