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Growing Our Team

Since founding BetterCloud in November 2011, our team has more than doubled and we’re still growing! Before the end of the year, we have plans to double the size of both our development and customer advocate teams in Atlanta and New York City respectively. What’s Propelling Our Growth? We’ve built a great product, used by…

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How to Build a Company Intranet on Google Sites

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Since our founding, the “source of truth” for our company has always been the intranet, which is was built using a Google Site. But as the team continued to grow, we needed to reformat the site’s layout and expand upon existing content – particularly around training, team responsibilities and processes. With a rapidly expanding workforce,…

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How to Increase User Adoption of Google Apps

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When organizations make the move to Google Apps, they often overlook the importance of user training and change management. Failing to help users transition from a legacy system to Google Apps can be detrimental to your company’s long term success on the Apps platform and can leave employees confused, discouraged and resentful of your transition…

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4 Google Slides (aka Presentations) Tips to Help Kick Your PowerPoint Addiction

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While I am a self-proclaimed Google Slides fanatic, I’ve had my fair share of experience with PowerPoint (I even had to read a book on the subject in college…it was riveting). But since I started working at BetterCloud, I’ve exclusively used Slides and my presentations have never looked better. If you’re tempted by PowerPoint 2013’s…

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