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The 5 Most Popular Tools Recommended by IT Pros

What are the must-have IT tools? A panel of IT pros weighed in on their favorite software and services, and then community members upvoted their faves. Here are the top five results.

Ben Lang
6 min read
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The 10 Most Popular Monitor Posts of 2017

As 2017 winds down, we’re taking a look back and bringing you the 10 most-read Monitor posts from this year. We’re seeing the usual themes—security, productivity, and how to work better overall—but some new topics popped up this year, like GDPR. Here’s what you enjoyed reading the most in 2017.

3 min read
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2017: The Year of Betters (A Video Recap)

Thank you to everyone—our amazing customers, partners, and employees—who made 2017 our best and most memorable year yet. Check out this quick video recap to see the year’s highlights.

< 1 min read
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When It Comes to GDPR Preparation, 21% of IT Professionals Say "We Have No Idea What We're Doing"

There’s a lot of confusion around GPDR, which takes effect May 2018. So this week we hosted a webinar called GDPR Compliance: “Explain Like I’m Five.” Our data privacy expert explained all the essential GDPR concepts and exactly what IT needs to do to make their organizations GDPR compliant. Missed it? Here’s a recap.

6 min read
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Think GDPR Only Means Reporting Data Breaches Within 72 Hours? Think Again

While GDPR does require you to report a data breach within 72 hours, that’s not the only rule IT needs to be aware of. GDPR also involves the newly defined role of a Data Protection Officer (do you need to appoint one?), and new responsibilities for data controllers vs. data processors (which one are you?). Find out the answers in this post. Plus, we’re including a 10-step checklist to get you jump-started on your path to GDPR compliance.

Jodi Daniels
6 min read
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How IDaaS Provider Ping Identity Uses BetterCloud

BetterCloud Core was a “no-brainer for us,” says Woody Grover, IT Manager at Ping Identity. Both BetterCloud and Ping streamline the onboarding process and drastically cut down manual work. “BetterCloud builds on what Ping already does, providing a similar automated process for Google, Zendesk, and Atlassian apps.”

4 min read
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The Next-Gen Help Desk

For many companies who have transitioned to the cloud, there are a number of inevitable changes that will occur. What about the Help Desk? The changes around your Help Desk are impacting everything ABOUT the Help Desk and, while you may not immediately notice the impacts, they are subtly dramatic and promise to disrupt the stream of innovation pouring out of the rest of the department and subsequently the company as a whole.

5 min read
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Forget Me Please: What GDPR’s Right to Be Forgotten (and Other Key Concepts) Mean for IT

Did you know that under GDPR, users can request their data to be erased (aka be forgotten)? What kind of data does this apply to, and how can IT prepare for this? In Part Two of our series, our data privacy expert dives into three critical GDPR concepts that IT needs to be aware of: the right to be forgotten, consent, and data portability. All three elements affect IT’s responsibilities. This post covers what this means for IT and what their next steps should be.

Jodi Daniels
6 min read
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Bringing Order to Chaos: Automating Policy Enforcement for SaaS

Are you tired of running queries by hand, tracking issues in a spreadsheet, and performing searches natively across multiple apps? Here’s how automating policy enforcement through BetterCloud can enhance security and streamline operations.

5 min read
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“I Was Seduced By a Build Scenario": 11 Ways to Avoid This Exec’s Greatest Tech Failure

Ah, the classic build vs. buy conundrum. While building may seem attractive, there are significant costs (both direct and indirect) to it. Hear why one executive says his greatest business/technology failure was building software when they could have bought it, and ask yourself these 11 essential questions before you build an in-house solution.

8 min read
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