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A Look Back at the Most Popular Content of 2016

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Phishing your own employees, fixing IT and HR’s marriage of inconvenience, communicating IT concepts to non-IT people, and more: Here’s a look back at our most popular longform content pieces from 2016. These are the best of the best–the ones that resonated the most with you. We hope you enjoy.

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Asked by Our Community, Answered by an Expert: 10 Questions About the Future of Work and How It Will Affect IT

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In our third-ever AMA, best-selling author and futurist Jacob Morgan answered 10 questions from our BetterIT community members. The BetterIT community is now made up of more than 600 forward-thinking IT professionals.

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From One CIO to Another: Why The Dominant On-Premise Model Has Had Its Day

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If you want to think long-term and big picture, says one CIO, then SaaS absolutely needs to be part of your solution set. Take heed, fellow CIOs: IT is in a tug o’ war–pushed to do more while being pulled in new directions–in a data governance and regulation environment that will punish the unprepared.

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The SaaS-Powered Workplace: The Present & Future of Work

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Centralize. Automate. Govern. These are foundational elements of the new BetterCloud, now the first-ever multi-SaaS management (MSM) platform. BetterCloud has undergone a two-year, total reconstruction to address the challenges IT faces in the age of the SaaS-Powered Workplace.

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