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Top 3 Google I/O Announcements that Will Impact Google Apps

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Although this is in fact my first Google I/O, it’s not hard to believe people when they say “This year is different.” Last year Google announced it was refocusing the company on a few core products. Since the announcement, there’s been a new energy and direction coming from Mountain View, and this was particularly evident…

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Cloud Alliance for Google Apps Welcomes 5 New Members

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Today, the Cloud Alliance for Google Apps, the first and only independent network of SaaS providers building applications specifically integrated with the platform, added five new software providers to its prestigious roster. We are very excited to be working alongside the new members and look forward to the continued growth of the group. The new…

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This Week in Google Apps: Restore Deleted Users

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Google announced a crucial update to Apps this week, which lets super administrators restore deleted user accounts and most if not all associated data. Any user accidentally deleted within five days can be restored to full working status. However, if the username you wish to ‘undelete’ matches that of an existing Group or another active…

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This Week in Google Apps: Security and Compliance

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Over the past two weeks, Google has made two significant announcements in regards to the security and compliance of Google Apps, a hot button issue for large enterprises hoping to migrate to the cloud. As cloud-computing solutions become more sophisticated, security is actually becoming an incentive to migrate, rather than a deterrence.  In the recent…

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