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Communication: HR & IT

Here’s the Simplest Way for HR and IT to Establish Better Lines of Communication

Using a variety of automation technologies, SaaS management and security platforms, and improved HR information systems, companies are working to predict, manage, and adapt to organizational change as technology changes and employees come and go. And while these products are now near-necessities, one key ingredient is still at the heart of the seamless (and successful) management and flow of people through an organization: communication.

Gavin Whatrup
3 min read
Implementing new technology

Technology Adoption Done Right: These Are the Lessons Implementation Experts Live By

Adopting new technology is far from simple. But when done right, new technology can lead to productivity gains and a distinct competitive advantage. What do technology adoption experts do to ensure success?

Scott Solomon
6 min read

The Partner Perspective: Making Change Stick

Driving transformational change in an organization is never easy. Making change happen is one thing, but making it last is another. The stickiness of change hinges on two crucial factors.

Kevin Liu
4 min read

The Partner Perspective: When Change is On the Horizon, What Do You Do?

Change management is never easy. But when you’re the only one who knows about the impending change, how do you handle it?

Kevin Liu
4 min read
Zendesk Hackthon

Zendesk and BetterCloud: Taking a Unique Approach to Hackathons

Thinking about putting on an internal hackathon? If not, you should be. BetterCloud CTO David Hardwick breaks down the benefits of our partner hackathons and provides tips for how you can pull together one of your own.

David Hardwick
5 min read
Project Management

3 Tips to Streamline IT Project Management

IT requires heavily specialized skills and knowledge, making IT project management feel like its own beast entirely. And because IT is the foundation of almost every organization, project management in the IT field can be exceptionally intimidating.

Justin Mills
4 min read

How to Get Recognition and Elevate the Perception of IT in Your Workplace

IT professionals can be strategic assets in the workplace. But more often than not, they’re perceived as cost centers and troubleshooting “Mr. Fix Its.” Learn some tips on how to shift that perception and gain more visibility, so that your colleagues recognize your strategic value and see you as enablers of change.

Christina Wang
4 min read

How to Communicate IT Concepts to Non-IT Minded People: Part Three – Best Practices

To be an effective communicator in IT, there are a few best practices you can follow. These recommendations will help IT information resonate more with your audience and help your team work better together in the long run.

Christina Wang
4 min read

How to Communicate IT Concepts to Non-IT Minded People: Part Two – Senior Leadership and Executives

How can IT professionals successfully convince C-level executives and senior leadership of the value of adopting and investing in a new idea? Learn what the most effective communication approaches are, so you can get the buy-in you need.

Christina Wang
5 min read

How to Communicate IT Concepts to Non-IT Minded People: Part One – Getting Started

Relaying complex IT issues to people with different roles and personalities at your organization can create a number of unique challenges. Use these tips and strategies to make IT information more accessible and relatable, so that your message resonates with every tier of your organization.

Christina Wang
5 min read
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