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Strategic CIO

How I Got Promoted: Marques Stewart, VP of Technology at Achievement First

A couple of weeks ago, we launched a new podcast called SaaSOps Leaders With David…

Richard Moy
9 min read

How We Manage 300+ SaaS Apps

Here at BetterCloud, our IT and business systems teams manage a whopping 300+ SaaS apps. How do they keep such a large cloud-based environment under control? What processes and technology do they use? Here’s what they said.

Jim Holdsworth
5 min read

Why IT Executives Should Dedicate R&D Time to Exploring New SaaS Tools

According to BetterCloud’s CIO Tommy Donnelly, IT executives need to dedicate R&D time to exploring new SaaS applications. Here are a few reasons why.

Richard Moy
3 min read

The 4 Unconventional IT Success Metrics We Use (and Why)

Learn about the four key IT success metrics we use here at BetterCloud. These metrics measure IT’s impact to the business, reflect the strategic nature of IT, and help transform productivity.

Christina Wang
4 min read

Why CIOs Need a SaaSOps Team

Based on recent conversations with our CIO Tommy Donnelly, it’s clear that CIOs need SaaSOps teams. Here are a few reasons why Donnelly believes these dedicated SaaSOps functions are more critical than ever.

Richard Moy
3 min read

How We Built a Strategic IT Roadmap (Plus 4 Ways You Can Too)

How can IT become a true business partner? Create a strategic IT roadmap that maps to company OKRs. Here’s how we built ours—and how you can too.

Justine Bienkowski
4 min read

SaaSOps Show Episode 17: Strategic IT Roadmap Planning

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like for your boss to write down every single backlog item onto a Post-it note? That’s what Justine did for (or to) her team. The end result? A more strategic IT roadmap that’s in sync with BetterCloud’s growth plan.

Richard Moy
< 1 min read

How to Embed IT (and SaaSOps) Into the Business

A lot of people agree that IT leaders must embed their teams (and SaaSOps principles) into the business. But what do we mean when we say that IT should be embedded into the fabric of an organization? And more importantly, how do we accomplish it? Let’s dig into both of these questions.

Richard Moy
4 min read

SaaS Operations and the Road Ahead for Enterprise IT

As part its latest market report, Forrester interviewed enterprise IT leaders to understand the current challenges and best practices for mastering SaaS at scale. Last week, BetterCloud’s Chief Strategy Officer Shreyas Sadalgi explored the findings of this report further with its author, Bill Martorelli, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. Missed the live event? Let’s recap some of the key takeaways from their chat.

Richard Moy
4 min read

SaaSOps Stories With Lester Chan, Head of Enterprise Security at Zoom

On Day 4 of Altitude 2020, our chief customer officer Rachel Orston chatted with Lester Chan about Zoom’s explosive growth, as well as how IT leaders (including those at Zoom) are driving outcomes across their businesses.

BetterCloud Monitor
4 min read
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