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How to Create a Data Loss Prevention Policy That Works


Google Drive brings sharing and collaboration to your fingertips, but for IT, it also means added security risks. BetterCloud’s Google Drive Compliance Engine significantly increases your domain’s security.

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6 Strategies Cloud Partners Can Leverage to Differentiate Their Offerings

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Microsoft has cultivated an enormous partner ecosystem. But the shift to the cloud is forcing more than 600,000 Microsoft partners to reevaluate their business approaches. A growing portion of Microsoft partners have increasingly set their eyes on the cloud as part of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Providers program (CSP). For organizations “going-Google,” more than 10,000 cloud-focused…

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Provisioning Users in Office 365

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Provisioning and deprovisioning users in Office 365 are commonplace activities for IT professionals. Unfortunately, they’re also time-consuming and error-prone. The process necessitates accuracy. Nothing is worse than a new employee getting a fresh account with their name spelled wrong. When numerous cloud applications link to your user’s Azure AD identity, misspelled names or other incorrect…

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