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Cloud Alliance for Google Apps: Webinar Series

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This past November, we announced the Cloud Alliance for Google Apps, a consortium of seven independent Software-as-a-Service providers, who build and deploy Google Apps extensions aimed at augmenting the user experience inside Google Apps. The seven member companies, which include Insightly, BetterCloud, Okta, Smartsheet, Spanning, RunMyProcess and Expensify have come together to create an alliance…

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This Week in Google Apps – 2/24

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Take at a look at this week’s biggest stories in the Google Apps Ecosystem: Microsoft made waves this week with their “Googlighting” video parodying the 1980’s ABC hit sitcom “Moonlighting.” Sure it was catchy, but while Microsoft was rolling out their viral video, Google was rolling out new product features (see 2 and 3); and…

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My Top 5 Gmail Labs

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I recently looked back at my Gmail inbox and saw that the first message I ever sent was on September 14, 2004. Six years later, I decided to move my professional email to Google as well, on the Google Apps for Business platform. Now, after 14 months of intense use, I find it mind-boggling I…

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Introduction to BetterCloud

Thanks for visiting, for the last 3 months we’ve been focused on the launch of our flagship product, DomainWatch. We finally launched last week and I figured it was probably a good time to introduce the company in more broad terms. (note: historically, I haven’t been a big blogger in my personal or professional…

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