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Google Drive

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5 Google Workspace admin nightmares (and how BetterCloud makes them disappear)

Conquer common Google Workspace admin nightmares with BetterCloud! Automate tasks, manage users, and secure data all in one centralized platform.

Stephanie Solis
4 min read
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How to Improve Your Google Drive Security

As Google Drive’s popularity grows, file security concerns begin to present themselves. Learn more about Google Drive security.

4 min read
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Automate Security & Compliance for Google Drive with AODocs and BetterCloud

BetterCloud has partnered with AODocs, a document management and business application platform built on top of Google Drive. Given the need for companies to identify, audit, and repair security breaches, AODocs and BetterCloud make it easy to automate security and compliance while allowing employees to focus on business critical issues. Learn more about how the two platforms work together.

Stéphane Donzé
2 min read
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The Cost of Complacency: Why You Need a Comprehensive Data Loss Prevention Strategy

The average data breach costs $4 million. That’s the cost of complacency. But it won’t happen to you, right?

5 min read
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How to Roll Out Google Drive: 9 Simple Steps

Last year, I wrote a post detailing how to best optimize your roll out of…

David Politis
6 min read