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Forrester Publishes Report on the SaaS Operations Solution Provider Market for Q3 2021

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Last week, Forrester published an in-depth analysis of the SaaS operations solution provider market for the third quarter of 2021. In this report, Forrester reviewed and catalogued 15 diverse sets of vendors that vary by size, functionality, geography, and market focus. IT professionals should use this report to understand the value they can expect from…

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SaaSOps Leaders Episode 6, Featuring Van Richardson

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BetterCloud CEO David Politis talks with Van Richardson, Head of Information Technology at iManage. Richardson reflected on how drastically the technology at our fingertips has shifted (3:01), how he builds a high-performing IT organization, (11:40), what has changed for his team since the beginning of the pandemic (15:50), and how IT (and automation) impacts every…

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Product Tip Tuesday: Find User by Email

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BetterCloud Workflows have always enabled IT teams to automate repetitive tasks and alert employees to changes in their permissions. But what if you need to alert an employee’s manager about a change in their permissions or confirm that an activity like offboarding was complete? With the “Find User by Email” functionality, it’s easy to automate emails…

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How I Got Promoted: Marques Stewart, VP of Technology at Achievement First

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A couple of weeks ago, we launched a new podcast called SaaSOps Leaders With David Politis. Although the podcast has only been a thing for a short while, we’ve already noticed that the majority of our audience aspires to become an IT executive. And in a recent episode with Marques Stewart, vice president of technology…

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Create More Flexible Workflows With Custom Triggers in BetterCloud

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Many IT leaders agree that automation can deliver exponential value to employees across your organization. Over the last couple of years, our customers have leveraged BetterCloud to automate complex business processes, reduce manual tasks for IT, and improve the end-user experience. However, we’ve also gotten feedback about how difficult it can be to find a…

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SaaSOps Leaders Episode 5, Featuring Tim Maffei

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BetterCloud CEO David Politis talks with Tim Maffei, Vice President of Information Technology at EVERFI. Maffei shared how SaaS made it “unnervingly” easy to go remote at the beginning of the pandemic (5:12), how drastically IT has changed since he began his career (11:55), how IT’s role can (and should) impact the entire business (21:46),…

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