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MDM Tamed the Explosion of Mobile Devices. But What About SaaS?

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The lessons learned from MDM adoption can serve as a predictor for the gifts and challenges of SaaS in today’s workforce. We’re at a tipping point right now with SaaS management, and if history is any indication, we know how this story will play out.

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The 6 Essential Elements of a Successful SaaS Management Strategy

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In recent years, SaaS adoption has been like the Wild West: a somewhat chaotic “free-for-all” frontier with lots of unknowns. After interviewing, surveying, and talking to thousands of modern IT professionals over the last few years, we’ve identified six elements that are integral to successful SaaS management. Here’s a holistic strategy that will set you up for IT success.

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A Better Way to Manage Multiple SaaS Apps (Featuring New Recommendations from 451 Research)

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Managing multiple SaaS applications is creating unprecedented risk and challenges for IT organizations. Enter: SaaS Operations Management (SOM), a new market that solves those challenges. 451 Research Principal Analyst Carl Lehmann recently hosted a webinar where he explained the high value of SOM, how it’s unique, and why companies need to start paying closer attention to it. Here’s a recap.

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