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The Modern Workplace

HowNISCUsesAutomation FeatureImage

How NISC Uses BetterCloud in its Digital Transformation into a SaaS-Forward Environment

Learn how NISC is using BetterCloud to modernize legacy processes, automate ULM, and empower digital transformation

Natalie Robb
4 min read
OfficeorForeverRemote FeatureImage

How to Leverage IT Automation to Support an Evolving Workplace Landscape

As the debate between a permanently remote and an in-office work environment rages on, let’s explore some of the top challenges that IT will face throughout the rest of this year.

3 min read
4signs featureImage

4 Signs You’re Ready to Automate With a SaaSOps Platform

How does an enterprise know when it’s time to automate IT and start using a SaaSOps platform? In this sneak peek of our annual survey’s insights, we’ll explore the four signs that indicate when to automate your SaaS operations.

Natalie Robb
5 min read
TechnologiestoImproveYourEmployeeExperience featureimage

Do You Have the Right Technologies to Improve Your Employee Experience?

Are you investing in technologies to improve your employee experience? Throughout the entire employee lifecycle, LumApps and BetterCloud give HR and IT teams the technologies to improve productivity and the overall experience.

Emily Cataldo
2 min read
SaaStr featureimage

SaaStr Podcast: BetterCloud’s CEO Talks Scalability, Radical Transparency, and Enterprise Cloud Adoption

We’re excited to share that BetterCloud Founder and CEO David Politis was recently on The Official SaaStr Podcast with host Harry Stebbings. He talks about what radical transparency really means, leading indicators of scale, the speed of SaaS adoption, and more.

< 1 min read
commonly confused it terms ftr

13 Commonly Confused IT Terms

API keys vs. authentication tokens? Integrations vs. connectors? What’s the difference? If you manage infrastructure or web-based technologies like SaaS applications, there are certain terms that are commonly confused. Here are 13 to look out for.

Terwase Kelvin Gberikon
4 min read
Dart FeatureImage

The Best IT Advice I Ever Received

For many an IT guru who wants to maintain good relations while also ensuring they are doing their job right, it can be confusing and daunting. But forming the human connection is just as important a part of a successful IT organization as fixing computers. By building empathy and communication skills, you can reshape the perception of IT, create new advocates for IT, and help your organization thrive.

Dartanian Richards
4 min read
NewFeatures featuredImage

New in BetterCloud: 5 Features Announced at Altitude 2019

Last week at our annual Altitude conference, Chief Product Officer Jim Brennan made some exciting announcements during his product keynote. He was joined on stage by members of his team and customers alike to deliver some huge wins for the BetterCloud community. Here’s a rundown of the new features launched at Altitude.

2 min read
IntegrationCenter featuredImage

Meet BetterCloud’s New Integration Center (with 32 New Integrations)

Today, we are excited to announce the release of our new BetterCloud Integration Center. We’re unveiling 32 new integrations, including Zoom, Atlassian, Smartsheet, DocuSign, GitHub, VMware Workspace ONE, OneLogin, PagerDuty, Intercom, AWS, Tableau, Duo, Splunk, and Datadog, as well as a community for customers to build and share their own custom integrations.

Jim Brennan
4 min read
dropbox bettercloud partnership

The Future of Work: Announcing a New Strategic Partnership with Dropbox

We’re thrilled to announce today that BetterCloud and Dropbox have formed a strategic partnership in the name of enabling a best-of-breed world and a better way to work. As part of this partnership, Dropbox has made a $5 million investment in BetterCloud.

David Politis
5 min read