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Our Poll Results Are In: How IT Professionals are Handling Pokémon GO at Work

As the Pokémon GO frenzy continues to sweep the nation, and amidst news that the game gets full access to your Google account, we wanted to see how IT professionals are handling this potential security risk at work. To find out, we asked our readers to take a quick 2-minute poll yesterday. Here are the results.

Christina Wang
3 min read

Behind the Scenes: How IT Used Virtual Reality to Change the Way We Recruit at BetterCloud

Hiring in the tech space is growing increasingly competitive. To differentiate ourselves, our IT team produced short recruiting videos with 360 footage to make the hiring process a uniquely immersive one. Here’s how we did it.

Christina Wang
10 min read

The Little-Known Origins of Everyday Tech Terms

Bluetooth, spam, Raspberry Pi: These words have become embedded into our modern day lexicon, but where exactly did they come from? From Danish royalty to Monty Python to tangerines, find out the mysterious and sometimes bizarre history behind a few of our most common tech terms.

Christina Wang
4 min read

Retro Tech: 15 Classic Video Games that You Can Play Online, and How They Paved the Way for Modern Games

Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Doom, and more: Learn more about how these early games laid the foundation for modern-day gaming.

Christina Wang
7 min read