The 5 Slack Commands I Use Most Often

Slack is filled with shortcuts and keyboard commands. With the ability to create your own keyboard commands, the possibilities grow even larger. At a certain point I realized I wasn’t going to remember every single keyboard shortcut on the platform, I have boiled them down to the five I actually use on a daily basis

How to Make an Audio Call in Slack

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many Slack messages is a single audio call worth? I find that things tend to get done a lot quicker when you can have a real conversation with someone rather than a stream of messages. There is a clarity that just isn’t there in text.

How to Create Custom Slackbot Responses in Slack

You are probably already familiar with the Slackbot. It is the mysterious automated member of your Slack team that will tell you things like when a message is undeliverable or a new member is added to your team. But did you know that you can program the Slackbot to respond to any command you want?

How to Share a Long Form Post in Slack

Whether it is a press release or a detailed guide, some things can’t be contained to the formatting of a single Slack message. What many people do not realize is Slack has its own built in word processor for creating long form posts and embedding them into messages.

How to Create a New Slack Channel

If you are new to Slack, a channel is like a mix with between a mailing list and a chat room. Usually each channel will have a specific topic, such as “Video Games” or “Marketing Projects”. Channels ensure all Slack conversations can remain focused. Deciding on a topic is the hard part, creating a new channel in Slack is easy.

How to Adjust Your “Do Not Disturb” Settings in Slack

Since I have started using Slack, I see way higher message traffic than I ever did in my email inbox. The constant notifications can be stressful when I am trying to focus on something else. But did you know that you can set Slack to “Do not Disturb” mode, and not receive any desktop or mobile notifications?

How to Leave a Slack Channel

Are you finding that a particular Slack Channel that was once fun and interesting is now a distraction? Whether it is getting filled with irreverent side talk and jokes or if it is just not a topic that still pertains to your job function, it may be time to bow out.

How to Search for Messages in Slack

Boasting a plethora of modifiers you never have to worry about not being able to narrow your search. You can find the search bar in the top right corner of any Slack channel and simply hit the plus sign when clicked into the search bar to bring up the search modifiers.

How to Conduct a Poll in Slack Using Emojis

By a show of hands, how many of you have ever needed to quickly poll your coworkers? Maybe it is taking lunch orders for your next meeting or maybe it is a yes or no on a proposal you are making, these fast and easy polls come up constantly in the workplace. If you are using Slack at work, then conducting these polls has never been easier, or more fun than with emoji voting.