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Product Tip Tuesday: How to Automatically Clean Up Empty Slack Channels


January 29, 2019

2 minute read

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Welcome to a new series called Product Tip Tuesday, where we’ll give you a quick use case that you can apply in BetterCloud. We’ll kick things off with a customer favorite that keeps your Slack instance uncluttered and effective.

Using a workflow in BetterCloud, you can automatically clean up empty public Slack channels. This workflow will automatically archive Slack channels that presently have zero members, first double-checking that the channel is not actively in use.

Our customers love this workflow because it takes two minutes to set up but can save you from headaches and employee confusion indefinitely. When employees have to search through a graveyard of defunct channels, it can be challenging to locate active channels that contain pertinent information for their role.

Here’s how the workflow looks in BetterCloud:

automatically clean up empty Slack channels

As you can see, the workflow is triggered whenever there is a new empty channel in Slack. From there, the workflow will send what we like to call the “Anybody home?” Slack message (see below) to make sure the channel is no longer needed. After a set amount of days, the channel is then archived.

automatically clean up empty Slack channels

For a more advanced tutorial of this workflow, check out this article in the BetterCloud Help Center.