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Office 365

6 Things You Can Do with BetterCloud’s OneDrive and SharePoint Online Integration

BetterCloud’s integration with OneDrive and SharePoint Online aims to unify, simplify, and control the management and security of Office 365. Here are six things you can do with SharePoint Online and OneDrive in BetterCloud.

Dan Gualtieri
4 min read

Introducing OneDrive & SharePoint Integrations: Secure Your O365 Data with BetterCloud

Let’s talk Office 365! We are excited to announce that BetterCloud now supports OneDrive and SharePoint Online use cases. Connecting Office 365 to BetterCloud centralizes all Office 365 users, groups, files, and settings to automate user orchestration and data protection.

3 min read

BetterCloud Releases Dynamic Automation, Advanced Alerting, Office 365, and Box Connectors Live at Annual Altitude Conference

With over 50 new features and enhancements released to date (highlights here), recognition from Gartner in the first-ever Market Guide for Cloud Office Management Tools, and a mention at the top of Forbes’ Billion-Dollar Startups list, 2017 has been a watershed year for BetterCloud.

Christina Wang
8 min read
Implementing new technology

Technology Adoption Done Right: These Are the Lessons Implementation Experts Live By

Adopting new technology is far from simple. But when done right, new technology can lead to productivity gains and a distinct competitive advantage. What do technology adoption experts do to ensure success?

Christina Wang
6 min read
Google Apps and Office 365 - Trends in Cloud IT

Google and Microsoft's Battle for the Enterprise: How Users Are Interacting With SaaS Applications

Google and Microsoft, two of the world’s biggest companies, are battling to win in the workplace, but which company has the upper hand? Our latest Trends in Cloud IT research offers new insight and data about the budding saga.

Christina Wang
6 min read
monthly poll Feb - Real-time Messaging

Real-Time Messaging: Data Unearths Surprising Findings on Usage, Distraction, and Organizational Impact

Real-time messaging has changed the way employees communicate, mostly for the better. However, there’s surprising data we uncovered that shows another side, which isn’t quite as rosy.

Christina Wang
7 min read
Office 365 Google Apps Tips

7 Office 365 and Google Apps How-to Articles You Don't Want to Miss

The new year is underway, but let’s not forget about what took place over the…

2 min read
Cloud Partner Differentiators

6 Strategies Cloud Partners Can Leverage to Differentiate Their Offerings

Microsoft has cultivated an enormous partner ecosystem. But the shift to the cloud is forcing…

Christina Wang
4 min read

A Step-by-Step Guide to Provisioning Users in Office 365

Provisioning and deprovisioning users in Office 365 are commonplace activities for IT professionals. Unfortunately, they’re…

5 min read

Monitor Your Office 365 Service Health with BetterCloud

Rarely will you find an IT manager without a server uptime horror story to tell….

2 min read
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