An Introduction to Word Quick Parts

Today, we’re going to tell you about Word Quick Parts and why you should be using them. Quick Parts is a feature in Microsoft Word that allows you to essentially create a library of content that you use regularly, and then access it at any time to quickly pull it into a document.

5 Time-Saving Shortcuts to Use in OneNote

Recently, we published the Office 365 Shortcuts Pack. This pack of PDFs lists hundreds of keyboard shortcuts in Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Outlook on the Web, PowerPoint and Word. In the OneNote Shortcuts PDF, the 150+ timesavers are divided into nine different categories to make sure you are efficient in all scopes of OneNote.

How to Add GIFs to Outlook Emails

GIFs get straight to the details, especially when it comes to describing exactly how you feel. Whether it’s a response to an office announcement or a reaction to an upcoming company event, GIFs make great additions to emails. Watch the video above and follow the steps below to learn how to add a GIF to your email message in Outlook on the Web.