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6 Things You Can Do with BetterCloud’s OneDrive and SharePoint Online Integration

Dan Gualtieri

August 14, 2019

4 minute read

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Every day, organizations are moving from on-premise storage to the cloud, and for those running an onsite Microsoft solution, Office 365 is a popular choice. For those already in the cloud, the transition from G Suite to Microsoft is becoming a popular one. To accommodate both use cases, BetterCloud’s integration with OneDrive and SharePoint Online aims to simplify the move and automate actions. Here are six things you can do with SharePoint Online and OneDrive in BetterCloud.

1. Get a single pane of glass view into SharePoint Online and OneDrive

Whether a file is stored in OneDrive or SharePoint Online, BetterCloud’s Files grid view allows you to see all files stored across both locations. To view the location of the file, select the Files view, then select your Office 365 connector. From here, add the Location column to your grid view by clicking on a column, mousing over Hidden Columns, then selecting Location (without Previews enabled) or by clicking the Columns heading, the selecting Location (with Previews enabled).


Adding the Location column allows you to see all SharePoint Online and OneDrive files in one report


When transitioning to Office 365 or using other SaaS applications like G Suite, Slack, Box, and Dropbox, keep in mind that these apps integrate with BetterCloud as well. The Files grid provides a single pane of glass view into all your files stored in the cloud, regardless of their location.


BetterCloud can ingest file data across all integrated SaaS apps


2. View what files are being shared outside your organization

If a file is being shared publicly or with another organization, BetterCloud’s Files grid view allows you to see the permissions that have been granted to your SharePoint Online and OneDrive content. By selecting the Public and/or External Permissions, you can gain insight into how users in your organization are exposing files. This can ultimately help your DLP policy and ensure your information is secure.


Do you know how users are sharing your organization’s files?


3. Quickly or automatically revoke public sharing links

If you are worried employees are sharing files publicly and want to immediately change these sharing settings, BetterCloud allows you to automate this action or run it on demand. To do so, you can set up an Alert based on the “OneDrive Files Shared with Public Link” template. Once the Alert is set up, it can be added to a Workflow that will remediate your publicly shared files. To remediate, you may…

Run a Workflow on demand to stop sharing

Select files with public sharing links, then remove their public link


Create a Workflow to automate remediation

Removing public links within a Workflow


4. Remove a user from Groups when offboarding

Remembering all of your manual offboarding steps can be a significant time drain for organizations. One of the things that BetterCloud does incredibly well is automate this process. To ensure your users are removed from all SharePoint Online sites and Microsoft Teams they receive via a Group membership, you can remove them from all Groups when running an offboarding Workflow.


During the offboarding process, a user can be removed from all Groups


5. Copy OneDrive files from an offboarded user to a new recipient

Ensuring a user’s OneDrive files are properly transferred to another user is a struggle for Office 365 administrators, and it can often be a tedious part of the offboarding process. However, through BetterCloud’s Workflows, admins are able to quickly copy all files from an offboarded user to either their manager, a system account, or a specified user during an on-demand offboarding Workflow.


Copying a User’s OneDrive files to a recipient is simple with BetterCloud


6. Remove all direct access to files and folders shared with a user

While group permissions are the most popular way to share content via SharePoint Online, individuals are often granted access to OneDrive files from other members of the organizations. Fortunately, BetterCloud is able to revoke direct access to all files and folders. In the rare case that an organization is granting a user access to SharePoint Online files and folders, BetterCloud will also revoke this access, as seen below.


Ensuring a user is removed from all files/folders is simple via BetterCloud


Interested in learning more? Read more about BetterCloud’s integration with O365 here or request a demo.