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Office 365

Trends in Cloud IT: Dissecting Adoption Across Thousands of Organizations

You’ve heard it before, the shift to the cloud is underway. What you haven’t heard, or seen for that matter, is a comprehensive look at the demographics of 1,500 IT professionals and the factors contributing to their adoption of cloud IT.

David Politis
9 min read

Why the Move to Cloud Office Systems is the Biggest IT Shift in 20 Years

IT is on the cusp of its biggest shift since the birth of the internet. Here’s why the rise of cloud office systems will revolutionize the way we work.

David Politis
5 min read

5 Things You Should Know About Your Office 365 Tenant

Over the last six months, our team has spoken with hundreds of IT admins about the key problems they face when managing their Office 365 tenants. While Microsoft offers customers a multitude of management solutions, the customers we’ve spoken to as part of our BetterCloud for Office 365 Beta Advisor program have made one problem clear — they desperately want better visibility into their environment, but they lack the time or the tools needed to get that critical information.

Nick Freund
2 min read

Announcing BetterCloud for Office 365: Building a Microsoft Business as a Premier Google ISV

We’re excited to announce the public beta release of BetterCloud for Office 365. We are…

Nick Freund
5 min read
Office 365 Roadmap

3 Things We Love About Microsoft’s Focus on Innovation

Since Satya Nadella took over at Microsoft, things have changed. The company has changed its tune and quickly restablished itself as one of the most innovative companies on the planet.

Rachel Wilson
4 min read