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5 Things You Should Know About Your Office 365 Tenant


May 27, 2015

2 minute read


Over the last six months, our team has spoken with hundreds of IT admins about the key problems they face when managing their Office 365 tenants. While Microsoft offers customers a multitude of management solutions, the customers we’ve spoken to as part of our BetterCloud for Office 365 Beta Advisor program (install here for free) have made one problem clear—they desperately want better visibility into their environment, but they lack the time or the tools needed to get that critical information.

Here are the top five issues you can use BetterCloud for Office 365 to understand and proactively alert you about:

1. Reveal DLP Policies that have been triggered on your O365 tenant

Microsoft includes a robust DLP engine in Office 365, which protects your corporate data and advises end-users about whether or not messages they are sending might violate compliance policies.

You can now use BetterCloud for Office 365 to receive proactive alerts about whether DLP policies have been violated in your environment, allowing admins better visibility and control over sensitive corporate information.

2. Discover if you are paying for unused Office 365 licenses

Moving to the cloud promises organizations amazing cost savings and incredible benefits with regards to collaboration and employee mobility. BetterCloud helps you make the most of this transition by identifying which licenses are being paid for but are undeployed.

3. Identify malicious user activity in Office 365

Most employees have the company’s best interest in mind, but safeguarding against malicious intent should always be top of mind for administrators. Use BetterCloud to identify which users are forwarding emails outside of your organization, are sharing documents inappropriately, or if there are unknown mail transport rules that pose a risk to data security.

4. Find and fix improperly provisioned users and groups

There are a number of tools administrators can use to provision their directory, but ensuring the provisioning process completed successfully is a huge hassle. Even if you are a PowerShell expert, tracking the health of your directory is time consuming. With BetterCloud, you can identify users that do not belong to groups, security groups, or distribution groups that do not have any members, and other key directory problems in your Azure Active Directory.

5. Anticipate mailboxes and SharePoint sites that are approaching quota

Admins can easily increase the quota of a user’s mailbox or a SharePoint site, but the downtime your end users experience is costly for your company and reflects poorly on IT. Using BetterCloud will ensure that you are aware of these impending issues before they happen.

BetterCloud for Office 365 is currently in public beta. You can install BetterCloud for Office 365 here, or request a demo with one of our product experts here.