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Recapping Our Recent Webinar on the Unique Challenges of SaaS Security

In our latest webinar, BetterCloud talked shop on the unique challenges of securing SaaS apps with a couple of security experts.

4 min read
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IT Community Discussion Recap: IT Leaders Share How They’re Successfully Enabling Remote Workforces

As fully remote workforces become the new normal, IT is facing new unexpected challenges. How do you empower end users to be productive (and secure)? How do you keep everybody updated? And logistically, how do you provide physical laptop inventory to remote workers? We recently pulled the IT community together to discuss all of this—and more.

Megan Bozman
7 min read
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How BetterCloud Is Building a Platform for SaaSOps Professionals

Our Chief Product Officer Jim Brennan and Product Manager Richard Floyd hosted a webinar to show you around BetterCloud’s brand new Integration Center, define SaaSOps and its role in the modern workplace, and begin your initiation into the BetterCloud community. Check out our article for the highlights.

8 min read
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The top IT habits of successful unicorns (panel recap)

BetterCloud founder and CEO David Politis recently hosted an online panel discussion with IT leaders from three unicorn companies: Vicky Couturier, IT systems director at InVision; Anthony Ancheta, IT manager at Lime; and Matt Kauffman, IT help desk manager at Toast. The panelists shared their IT philosophies, how they solve their biggest IT challenges, and their top habits for scaling IT operations.

Peter Fretty
5 min read
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Securing SaaS Apps in the Modern Workplace

SaaS gives end users endless ability to collaborate with others, share data, and access files from anywhere at anytime. However, these features have created a swath of new security threats that IT and security teams are still learning how to navigate. Principal Analyst for 451 Research Garrett Bekker and BetterCloud’s Chief Product Officer Jim Brennan discussed the unique security challenges that cloud adoption presents and SaaS Operations Management, the emerging category that is filling a gap in cloud security.

6 min read
4InsiderThreatsThatShouldKeepYouUpatNight ftr

4 insider threats that should keep you up at night

Learn about four of the most common, and most insidious, types of insider threats that you should be on the lookout for in your SaaS environment.

6 min read
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Closing the Gap in SaaS Security

David Politis, our founder and CEO, recently hosted a webinar in collaboration with Daniel Lu, Okta’s product marketing manager, in order to discuss security risks born of SaaS adoption and the Zero Trust model of access management that has emerged from it.

5 min read
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Secure Your Data: Where to Start When There Are 1 Million Threats

There are seemingly a million security threats and exposures everywhere today. So where do you start? In a recent webinar, our founder and CEO David Politis explained what the new security frontier is and why IT must start paying attention to it. He also revealed the top three concerns 1,500+ IT professionals have around managing SaaS apps and offered actionable tips for mitigating them.

10 min read
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A Better Way to Manage Multiple SaaS Apps (Featuring New Recommendations from 451 Research)

Managing multiple SaaS applications is creating unprecedented risk and challenges for IT organizations. Enter: SaaS Operations Management (SOM), a new market that solves those challenges. 451 Research Principal Analyst Carl Lehmann recently hosted a webinar where he explained the high value of SOM, how it’s unique, and why companies need to start paying closer attention to it. Here’s a recap.

11 min read
researchreport 2017stateofspw

The 2017 State of the SaaS-Powered Workplace Report

How is SaaS transforming the way we work? Over the past six months, we surveyed 1,827 IT professionals to get a deeper understanding of this new workplace, where SaaS applications serve as the backbone of productivity. The data revealed astonishing findings.

David Politis
6 min read