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Case Study: Why ABC Companies Replaced CloudLock with BetterCloud

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A privately-held and family-owned business, ABC Companies is the leading provider of motorcoaches and transit equipment sales and services. With 11 locations throughout North America, the company has experienced tremendous growth and expansion since its founding 5 decades ago. When Matt Horn, Senior Network Administrator at ABC Companies, joined the team over 7 years ago,…

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Microsoft Announces New Activity Feeds at RSA; BetterCloud for Office 365 Expands to Offer Security and Compliance Tools

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Earlier this month, we announced the public beta release of BetterCloud for Office 365, our newest product offering and the first solution of its kind for the Microsoft cloud platform. Our team worked quickly to launch a product that was not just viable, but valuable, too, and the incredible adoption we’ve seen over the past…

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Announcing BetterCloud for Office 365: Building a Microsoft Business as a Premier Google ISV

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We’re excited to announce the public beta release of BetterCloud for Office 365. We are adding functionality rapidly and working closely with customers to shape our roadmap. A key advantage for most startups is their ability to recognize something that could just be that much better, more efficient, or more opportunistic, and then turn on…

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How to Combat Password Phishing for Google Drive Access

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Interested in learning more? Check out our Introduction to Google Drive Security One of the most common methods for gaining access to a Google Apps account is via phishing for a user’s username and password. Phishing often occurs by tricking users into giving away their login credentials, either by responding to an email directly or by…

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How We Built the Best Google Drive Compliance Engine

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Google Drive is an incredible toolset. It provides your organization and users with the means to collaborate in real-time, on any document, from any location, on any device. What this means for your organization’s productivity is immeasurable, but one of the major concerns we hear is that, while it’s so easy for users to share…

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