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The Future of IT

WhatisSaaSOps FeatureImage

Everything IT Needs to Know About SaaS Operations Management

Learn how SaaS operations management helps IT teams create, enforce, and optimize usage policies for mission critical SaaS applications.

6 min read

#Altitude Day 3: Leading IT in Hypergrowth Companies and Celebrating the SaaSOps Stars of 2021

The final day of Altitude 2021 featured Brian Hoyt and David Politis exploring the excitement & challenges of leading IT during hypergrowth.

2 min read
CenturyOfSaaS FeatureImage

The Reinvention of IT: How IT Can Thrive in the Century of SaaS

As we enter the Century of SaaS, IT is being reinvented. Learn what IT’s new mindset looks like—and how you can seize the massive opportunity that lays ahead.

David Politis
7 min read
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Trusted Solution Partnerships to Power Your Work Anywhere Strategy

The IT lessons learned from this moment will forever change the way companies think about the tools that enable a remote workforce. The “new normal” is a place where optimized IT processes thrive and legacy on-premises solutions fade away. Jamf, OneLogin, and BetterCloud are enabling IT Administrators to create repeatable processes for deployments that support best practices for security and end-user experience.

Emily Cataldo, Sam Weiss (Jamf), Chelsea Wadsworth (OneLogin)
3 min read
NewFeatures featuredImage

New in BetterCloud: 5 Features Announced at Altitude 2019

Last week at our annual Altitude conference, Chief Product Officer Jim Brennan made some exciting announcements during his product keynote. He was joined on stage by members of his team and customers alike to deliver some huge wins for the BetterCloud community. Here’s a rundown of the new features launched at Altitude.

2 min read
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Meet BetterCloud’s New Integration Center (with 32 New Integrations)

Today, we are excited to announce the release of our new BetterCloud Integration Center. We’re unveiling 32 new integrations, including Zoom, Atlassian, Smartsheet, DocuSign, GitHub, VMware Workspace ONE, OneLogin, PagerDuty, Intercom, AWS, Tableau, Duo, Splunk, and Datadog, as well as a community for customers to build and share their own custom integrations.

Jim Brennan
4 min read
dropbox bettercloud partnership

The Future of Work: Announcing a New Strategic Partnership with Dropbox

We’re thrilled to announce today that BetterCloud and Dropbox have formed a strategic partnership in the name of enabling a best-of-breed world and a better way to work. As part of this partnership, Dropbox has made a $5 million investment in BetterCloud.

David Politis
5 min read
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Introducing BetterCloud Platform APIs: Secure User Interactions Across All of Your Cloud Applications

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the BetterCloud Platform APIs: the only platform to monitor user interactions and remediate policy violations across all of your cloud applications. The Platform APIs extend the capabilities of our existing platform to all of the applications that power your business and add new capabilities for script creation, collaboration, and security.

Kim Solow
4 min read
zerotrustsecurity 3 ftr

The Essential Steps, Tools, and Technologies for Achieving a Zero Trust Security Model in Your SaaS Environment

It’s time to get tactical. In the third and final part of our blog series, we discuss the necessary tools and technologies to implement a Zero Trust security model in your SaaS environment.

Arun Shrestha
3 min read
zerotrustsecurity 2 ftr

Rolling Out a Zero Trust Security Model? Here’s What You Need to Think About

In part two of our blog series, we discuss 12 best practices when implementing a Zero Trust security model for effective SaaS management.

Arun Shrestha
3 min read
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