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The Future of IT

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Everything You Need to Know About Google I/O 2016

Another Google I/O is in the books and a slew of new software releases, hardware announcements, and more made their official entrance into the world. This recap includes everything you need to know.

5 min read
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Why I Miss My Data Center and Why I’m Never Going Back

I’ll admit, I miss it. I miss the quiet humming. The cold air. The erratic flashes of a thousand blinking activity and link lights. It’s been just over two years since I stepped inside a data center, and I’m growing pretty nostalgic.

5 min read
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Here’s Why 2016 Marks the Beginning of the Golden Age of IT

We’ve reached a tipping point. IT is no longer a cost center. Now, IT professionals are impact players for every modern business, and that’s part of the reason why 2016 is the start of what we call: The Golden Age of IT.

David Politis
4 min read