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Meet BetterCloud’s New Integration Center (with 32 New Integrations)

Jim Brennan

September 25, 2019

4 minute read

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Today marks a milestone event in the history of BetterCloud, and more importantly, a monumental step forward for the SaaSOps movement.

Since 2011, BetterCloud has been on a mission to help organizations realize the promise of SaaS by empowering them to more easily manage and secure SaaS applications. In the beginning, this mission was exclusively focused on Google Apps (now G Suite), an early pioneer in cloud-based collaboration and productivity. As SaaS took hold in more and more organizations, it became clear that our mission had a greater scope, and in 2016 we pivoted our focus and launched an entirely new platform, one capable of managing and securing multiple SaaS applications.

Today, we are excited to announce the release of our new BetterCloud Integration Center. The Integration Center is a centralized exchange for SaaSOps professionals to discover, install, and configure BetterCloud integrations for their digital workplace.

But that’s not the only exciting news. Today, we are also unveiling 32 new integrations to support leading SaaS applications, including Zoom, Atlassian, Smartsheet, DocuSign, GitHub, VMware Workspace ONE, OneLogin, PagerDuty, Intercom, AWS, Tableau, Duo, Splunk, Datadog, and more. These integrations are BetterCloud built, BetterCloud supported, and available today in the Integration Center. In total, we are now supporting over 450 actions across 41 integrations.

What the new Integration Center means for you

The BetterCloud Integration Center includes any integration—those built by BetterCloud, and now those built by the BetterCloud community as well. It’s also where SaaSOps professionals can develop and share their own custom integrations using the latest evolution of capabilities available through the Platform API. These custom integrations can be built in just a few minutes using a guided, step-by-step experience. Once built, they can be submitted to BetterCloud for inclusion in the Integration Center as a community-built integration.

This is a critical piece of the product you’ve told us you need to solve your SaaSOps challenges.

With this, BetterCloud is providing you with three key ingredients:

Empowered outcomes to rise above the challenges of managing a multi-SaaS environment.

Operational intelligence to achieve these outcomes in ways that would otherwise not be possible.

And universal integrations to achieve all of this across your entire digital workplace.

Empowered outcomes

The BetterCloud SaaS Operations (SaaSOps) Platform is now relied upon by tens of thousands of IT professionals every day to deliver the outcomes required by their organizations.

It empowers them to seamlessly orchestrate their users across otherwise disparate and siloed applications during onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between. It also enables them to protect their most sensitive data—their customer data, their employee data, their intellectual property—by giving them full visibility into where that data lives across these siloed applications.

More importantly, it enables these IT professionals to know where they have potential liabilities with that data in terms of misconfigurations and inappropriate user behavior.

Operational intelligence

BetterCloud also provides full insight and understanding into the various digital assets that exist across your digital workplaces: how they are configured, how they are changing, and how they interact with each other. This operational intelligence enables IT to see more clearly, take more effective action, and achieve their desired outcomes in ways that would otherwise not be possible.

Universal integrations

Now, in 2019, there is no question that SaaS is the way in which organizations procure, deploy, and work with applications. It has fundamentally changed the way employees work, allowing them to remain engaged and productive from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

That means that the BetterCloud SaaSOps platform must empower outcomes and offer operational intelligence across the entire digital workplace, which is growing exponentially every day in terms of both the number of applications and the number of users interacting with those applications. Achieving this vision can only be accomplished through universal integrations.


We took an important first step toward universal integrations this past February with the release of the BetterCloud Platform API, which enabled our customers and partners to extend the BetterCloud platform by connecting it with any SaaS application that exposes its own API.

We’ve seen phenomenal adoption of the Platform API, with hundreds of new integrations being built by the SaaSOps community. And with that adoption came the desire for more: more simplicity in how those integrations could be built, more flexibility in how those integrations could be used, and a greater ability to work together as a SaaSOps community.

We built the new Integration Center with all of those desires in mind.

Submit your integration in our Integration Center contest

Along with the release of the Integration Center, BetterCloud is holding a contest for customers who submit integrations. The top three customers who submit the most approved integrations will receive a bundled set of prizes. Everyone who submits an integration will receive exclusive BetterCloud swag, and the first ten submitters will each receive a $50 Amazon gift card. To learn more, visit our Integration Community Contest page.

Submissions open today and close on November 1st.

We’re just getting started

Over the coming months and quarters, we will be delivering a steady stream of new integrations to the Integration Center, along with amazing integrations built by our customers and partners and shared with the BetterCloud community.

This is your SaaSOps platform.

This is a platform that we are building together in partnership with each and every one of you.

And together as a SaaSOps community, we will realize the promise of SaaS.


To learn more about the Integration Center, register for our upcoming webinar here.

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