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31 modern security tips ftr

A Top G Suite Expert Shares His 31 Best Modern Security Tips

If you ever wanted to find a treasure trove of excellent security tips — written by a top Google expert in a lively, easy-to-understand way — then look no more. Kevin A. McGrail is a cybersecurity and privacy expert who is also ranked as the #1 contributor in the world on Google’s official G Suite platform, Google Cloud Connect. In this post, he shares 31 recommendations and best practices related to passwords, email security, and more. While some of these tips are specific to G Suite, many are broader ones that can help secure any system.

Kevin A. McGrail
15 min read
bcatgooglenext ftr1

5 Takeaways from “Securing G Suite and Beyond: Tales from the Trenches” (Google Cloud Next '18)

Well, Google Cloud Next ‘18 is a wrap! If you missed it last week, here are some highlights from a panel called “Securing G Suite and Beyond: Tales from the Trenches” that we thought would be particularly relevant to our audience. The panel explored security topics that are top of mind right now for many modern IT professionals: How have security needs evolved, and what are the biggest concerns moving forward? What important lessons have people learned? Here are five key takeaways, along with some tips and best practices the panelists shared.

5 min read
bettercloudforbesfeature ftr

BetterCloud Releases Dynamic Automation, Advanced Alerting, Office 365, and Box Connectors Live at Annual Altitude Conference

With over 50 new features and enhancements released to date (highlights here), recognition from Gartner in the first-ever Market Guide for Cloud Office Management Tools, and a mention at the top of Forbes’ Billion-Dollar Startups list, 2017 has been a watershed year for BetterCloud.

8 min read
4securitymesauresemailfwding ftr

Who’s Forwarding Emails Outside Your Domain? Here’s Why They Do It and How to Stop Them.

Malicious or accidental configurations of automatic email forwarding rules are one of the most common causes of data exposures and compliance breaches. If employees are automatically forwarding email outside your domain, there’s a high likelihood that something is wrong. Here are 4 simple steps to address the issue once and for all.

4 min read
amazonslack ftr1

5 Reasons Why Amazon is the Perfect Buyer for Slack

Have you heard the news? Amazon is interested in potentially buying Slack for $9 billion. Many people seem bewildered by this, but it actually makes perfect sense. Here’s why.

David Politis
2 min read
How to Implement New Technology

Technology Adoption Done Right: These Are the Lessons Implementation Experts Live By

Adopting new technology is far from simple. But when done right, new technology can lead to productivity gains and a distinct competitive advantage. What do technology adoption experts do to ensure success?

6 min read
itwelcomechecklist ftr 1

Onboarding Isn’t Just Provisioning: Are You Leaving Out This Vital Step?

So you’ve provisioned your new user in Google Apps, set him up with a shiny new account, and added him to the right groups and OU. Think your onboarding job is done? Not so fast. To really set up your users for success, there’s one more step you should take.

4 min read
provisioningchecklist ftr

5 Steps Every Google Apps Admin Should Take When Onboarding New Users

When new hires show up at the office on their first day, they want to hit the ground running. Here are five critical steps for provisioning and onboarding so that you keep your organization secure and set up your users for success.

4 min read
phishing executives

3 Real Phishing Attacks Your C-Suite Needs to See

In 2015, CEOs lost $2.3 billion from phishing attacks, according to the FBI. As an executive, do you know how to identify a phishing email?

4 min read
userlifecyclemgmt guideforga ftr

12 Essential Steps for Deprovisioning Users in Google Apps

If you’re not organized, the process of offboarding departing employees can frazzle even the most seasoned IT professional. Here’s a Google Apps deprovisioning checklist with best practices to help mitigate risk, avoid critical errors, and ensure a smooth, hiccup-free transition.

4 min read