9 Gmail Tips You Need to Know

We’ve rounded up some of our best Gmail tips and tricks for you. Whether it’s simply creating a contact group, enabling desktop notifications, or using Gmail advanced search, you can take these tips to help you become more productive and save time.

Dropbox Paper: An Alternative to Google Docs

With its ultra-simple, elegant design, Dropbox Paper is a beautiful alternative to Google Docs. But it’s not just a pretty face–this powerful collaboration tool has a few key features that differentiate it from Docs. Here’s a brief intro.

How to Scan Documents Using Dropbox

Who needs a scanner anymore? To digitize files, all you need is the Dropbox app on your iPhone and you’re in business. You can scan documents directly to Dropbox, using Dropbox, with just a few taps.

How to Create & Switch Profiles in Chrome

Chrome profiles are a great way to keep separate sets of bookmarks, themes, and settings. They’re very useful if multiple people all use Chrome on the same device, or if you have multiple personas you want to keep separate (like a “work” and “home” persona).

Brainstorm Ideas with Bubbl.us

If you’re brainstorming, it can be helpful to visually map out your ideas and connect them to each other. With Bubbl.us, you can create different colored “bubbles” to organize your thoughts and ideas into one cohesive mind map.

Create Fillable Text Boxes in Google Docs

If you’ve ever tried to make a worksheet or form in Google Docs, you’ve probably created lines for people to enter their information on. But when people fill it out, it leaves information floating between underscores. We’ll show you how to create fillable text boxes in Docs so that people can neatly and easily enter in their information.