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The Perimeter Has Vanished. Here’s a 90-Day Plan to Help You Adapt

Once upon a time, it was easy to secure your IT kingdom. But just like castles fell in the 1300s because of the evolution and enhancement of gunpowder, our technology perimeter has fallen with the evolution and enhancement of SaaS and cloud-based services. Without our walls, without the perimeter to limit access to services, we must evolve to introduce cloud enablement. Over the next 90 days, let’s take an objective-based approach to evolving our perimeter management.

Tim Witos
4 min read
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How to Keep Institutional Knowledge from Walking Out the Door

As boomers retire, companies are unwittingly losing valuable institutional data. Why? Because, while the retiree’s job is transitioned to a new employee, many organizations don’t consider the knowledge and experience walking out the door with that employee. Since boomers are the first generation to transfer their knowledge to machines and computer programs and not to apprentices and junior employees, it’s important to know how to transfer all of this data smoothly as part of an ongoing search journey.

Bryan McKay
4 min read
cloudnativepatterns 3

Modernizing IT with Cloud Native Patterns – Part 3

Chris Borte, director of information technology at InsideTrack, made it a priority to develop an IT infrastructure that would be impervious to ransomware. The answer? Cloud native architecture. In this final installment of our blog series on the advantages of going cloud native, he offers guidance for organizations that are ready to modernize their IT system and go cloud native. Here are his essential tips on how to get started.

Chris Borte
2 min read
cloudnativepatterns 2

Modernizing IT with Cloud Native Patterns – Part 2

Yesterday we kicked off our 3-part blog series on cloud native architecture. We continue today with Part 2, which discusses additional advantages of going cloud native. This post dives into laptop management patterns, loose coupling, SSO as a default, self-service, and collaboration. Here’s what you need to know.

Chris Borte
4 min read
cloudnativepatterns 1

Modernizing IT with Cloud Native Patterns – Part 1

How do you develop an IT infrastructure that’s impervious to ransomware? As InsideTrack’s director of information technology, Chris Borte had a solution: move InsideTrack to a cloud native architecture that not only secures the network but also enhances flexibility and productivity. In this 3-part series, he discusses the advantages of going cloud native and offers tips for organizations that are ready to modernize their IT system. Part 1 explores the term “cloud native” and zero trust network architecture.

Chris Borte
3 min read
makingchangestick ftr

The Partner Perspective: Making Change Stick

Driving transformational change in an organization is never easy. Making change happen is one thing, but making it last is another. The stickiness of change hinges on two crucial factors.

4 min read
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The Partner Perspective: When Change is On the Horizon, What Do You Do?

Change management is never easy. But when you’re the only one who knows about the impending change, how do you handle it?

4 min read
whyitandhrshouldfixtheirmarriage ftr

Why IT & HR Should Fix Their Marriage of Inconvenience

HR and IT are partners in waiting, but they need a little marriage guidance. If there isn’t a close partnership, the potential costs can be perilous.

5 min read