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Beyond Satisfactory: Why BetterCloud Introduced Proactive Support

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When customers interact with BetterCloud support, they expect a great experience. But when does a great experience turn magical? Micah Solomon, author and customer support expert, says in a 2014 Forbes article that the “step beyond satisfactory is where the magic happens, where you bind customers to you and create fierce loyalty and true brand…

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Monitor Your Office 365 Service Health with BetterCloud

Rarely will you find an IT manager without a server uptime horror story to tell. Exchange or SharePoint servers going down unexpectedly, perhaps in the middle of the night with no one on site to fix the issue; or even worse, in the middle of a busy workday when hundreds of workers that rely on…

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Modern Workplace Innovators: Meet Colin McCarthy

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Colin McCarthy has not only managed the IT and Google Apps suite for a multinational marketing agency, but he’s also orchestrated multiple migrations to the cloud for the companies they have acquired.

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Demystifying the Cloud Partner Ecosystem: How to Choose a Cloud Partner That Works For You

the partner effect

The shift to cloud IT is reshaping the way businesses and other organizations operate. It’s changing partner business models, rewriting job descriptions, altering IT infrastructures, and overhauling entire industries. The benefits of cloud IT are clear, yet organizations are understandably transitioning with caution. They’re looking for a guide. They’re looking for a partner to lead…

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