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Closing the Gap in SaaS Security

closingthegap ftr

David Politis, our founder and CEO, recently hosted a webinar in collaboration with Daniel Lu, Okta’s product marketing manager, in order to discuss security risks born of SaaS adoption and the Zero Trust model of access management that has emerged from it.

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Product Tip Tuesday: Multi-Factor Authentication

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It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means—a new product tip! Up this week: multi-factor authentication (MFA), a feature that will help protect sensitive company information and your employees’ personal data.

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Product Tip Tuesday: How to Automatically Detect & Remediate Misconfigured Box Settings

ptt0311 boxsecure og

In light of yesterday’s news that dozens of companies inadvertently leaked sensitive data due to misconfigured Box accounts, we have a special Product Tip Tuesday: Box Edition. Many users share Box files and folders publicly without realizing the security implications. Fortunately, BetterCloud has a solution to help manage and secure your Box files and folders at scale.

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Product Tip Tuesday: Secure File Sharing in Dropbox

ptt0305 dropboxshare og

Welcome back to another Product Tip Tuesday! We have yet another customer favorite for you: secure file sharing in Dropbox. This feature allows for greater visibility into your data; you can set up alerts so you know exactly when a file is shared publicly, externally, or even internally and take steps to remediate if necessary.

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