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First Impressions and Thoughts on Google Glass’ Explorer Program

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#328 At last year’s Google I/O, Google’s annual developer conference, I had the opportunity to preorder Google Glass. As a huge Google fan and the CEO of a company that focuses 100% on Google, preordering was a no brainer (as it was for pretty much everyone else at the conference). After placing my order, I…

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Clearwing Productions – A BetterCloud Case Study

Employees: 60 Founded: 1985 Industry: Entertainment Website: Since its founding in 1985, Clearwing, a Milwaukee based production company, has helped some of the nation’s largest brands and best known performing artists create, implement and produce top of the line audio and visual displays. Whether it’s renovating the audio system at ASU’s Wells Fargo Arena…

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Partner Spotlight: Dito

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Company: Dito Location: Manassas, VA Market Served: SMB, Enterprise Website: Last week we sat down with Jim McNelis, the CEO of Dito, a leading North American reseller, to find out more about his organization. BetterCloud: When was your organization founded? Dito: May 2007. We started offering Google Apps to our customers after deciding to…

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Complete Guide to the New Google Apps Admin Console

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Today, Google began rolling out a completely redesigned Google Apps Admin Console (existing customers will see it in mid-May), which aims to provide IT administrators with an improved interface for managing their Google Apps domains. This post details what the new Admin Console means for Google Enterprise and includes our take on the new design…

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Conservation International – A BetterCloud Case Study

Last year, Conservation International was faced with a decision – upgrade their existing Exchange server or move to the cloud. After evaluating both Google Apps and Office 365, the nonprofit made a decision to ‘go Google.’ Read the case study to find out why. Employees: 900 Founded: 1987 Industry: Nonprofit Website: Conservation International was…

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Synapse – A BetterCloud Case Study

Just last year, Synapse, a leader in engineering design services, left behind an aging Exchange server for Google Apps. Read on to learn how this cutting edge company is making the most of Apps with the help of FlashPanel. Employees: 300 Founded: 2002 Industry: Engineering Design Services Website: FlashPanel Customer Number: 1,907 Founded in…

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Google Apps vs. Office 365: Why Google Will Win the Enterprise

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Since our founding, it’s been a core mission of BetterCloud’s to spread the word about Google Apps and evangelize for the platform. And after raising a Series A this past January, we’ve stepped up our hiring process, which has led candidates to ask why I’m betting my career and company on Google Apps. This was…

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After breaking off from Reed, a leading provider of recruitment services, wanted to revamp their entire IT infrastructure – starting with email. While the company did evaluate both Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, landed on Google. Read the case study to find out why. Check out’s story in CITEWorld – How…

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