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Transforming Teams to Lead with SaaS: Insights from Gartner

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Many of the existing ways of managing IT are no longer applicable to environments dominated by SaaS. Gartner analysts recently released a new report describing how Infrastructure and Operations leaders must transform the roles and skills of IT teams as they shift to SaaS. We found that Gartner’s insights validate many of the components of BetterCloud’s SaaSOps framework.

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Product Tip Tuesday: Automatically Expire Public Links in Dropbox by Using BetterCloud Workflows

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SaaS apps are known for making the workplace more collaborative; file sharing is one of the SaaS features that makes this seamless collaboration, both internally and externally, possible. But what happens when you share a link with a person that you don’t want to have indefinite access to the information? BetterCloud gives you the ability to build a backstop to this problem using a simple workflow.

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Product Tip Tuesday: Run a File Audit to Find Exposed Sensitive Information

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At the end of January, BetterCloud released File Audits for G Suite, Box, Dropbox, and Slack. This new feature will help you mitigate risks by scanning for sensitive content in existing files that live in your SaaS environment. Check out our article to learn about how you can use File Audits to improve your SaaS environment.

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