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Is Google Apps Backup Right for Your Organization?

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As big supporters of living and working in the cloud, we often name the ability to work from anywhere as the greatest benefit of using Google Apps. But what happens when you can’t work from anywhere because your data has been lost or compromised? Data loss, a very real threat to any business operated in…

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Microsoft Cloud Sales Commission Cuts are Just One More Reason Why Google Apps Will Win

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Last April BetterCloud’s CEO, David Politis, wrote an article titled Google Apps vs. Office 365: Why Google Will Win the Enterprise. The article detailed the reasons why David is confident Google will win: a generational shift, pricing, timing and differing business models. A year ago, David argued that differing business models would greatly inhibit the…

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Introducing Third Party Apps Auditing

Note: Apps Explorer is in private beta. If you’d like to gain early access, please email Currently, end users are able to install applications and extensions of their choosing–from the Chrome store, Google Apps Marketplace, iTunes, and other sources–directly to their Google Apps account, without requesting permission from an administrator. By doing so, certain…

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