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How to Get Recognition and Elevate the Perception of IT in Your Workplace

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IT professionals can be strategic assets in the workplace. But more often than not, they’re perceived as cost centers and troubleshooting “Mr. Fix Its.” Learn some tips on how to shift that perception and gain more visibility, so that your colleagues recognize your strategic value and see you as enablers of change.

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An IT Professional’s Guide to Smarter Business Travel

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The idea of going offline for an IT person just isn’t the same as it is for the rest of us. Costly breaches and down times can disrupt major business processes in a split second. Preparation and planning are key. In this quick guide, BetterCloud Director of IT Tim Burke shares his favorite tips for a successful business trip.

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Everything You Need to Know About Google I/O 2016

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Another Google I/O is in the books and a slew of new software releases, hardware announcements, and more made their official entrance into the world. This recap includes everything you need to know.

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How to Communicate IT Concepts to Non-IT Minded People: Part Two – Senior Leadership and Executives

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How can IT professionals successfully convince C-level executives and senior leadership of the value of adopting and investing in a new idea? Learn what the most effective communication approaches are, so you can get the buy-in you need.

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How to Communicate IT Concepts to Non-IT Minded People: Part One – Getting Started

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Relaying complex IT issues to people with different roles and personalities at your organization can create a number of unique challenges. Use these tips and strategies to make IT information more accessible and relatable, so that your message resonates with every tier of your organization.

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The Little-Known Origins of Everyday Tech Terms

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Bluetooth, spam, Raspberry Pi: These words have become embedded into our modern day lexicon, but where exactly did they come from? From Danish royalty to Monty Python to tangerines, find out the mysterious and sometimes bizarre history behind a few of our most common tech terms.

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