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FREE GUIDE: Creating a Culture of Transformation


February 18, 2015

2 minute read

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Have you ever witnessed an organization-wide change that didn’t stick? Like expense-tracking software that confused and frustrated your employees? Or an intranet that started gathering cobwebs the day after it launched?

Chances are, the people who planned it didn’t establish a culture of transformation first. They didn’t pave the way by getting employees invested, and that expensive effort went the way of a Charlie Brown football kick.

Shifting your organization to a cloud IT system like Google Apps should be a massive win, but that win doesn’t come by simply implementing the technology. Go ahead, agonize over every technical detail of your chosen platform. It won’t be worth a hummingbird’s sigh unless you convince your users they stand to gain by getting on board.

If that sounds easy to you…it’s not as easy as it sounds. Once you’ve decided to buy a cloud platform, it’s time to sell your employees on it. And like most successful sales strategies, it all comes down to one thing: convincing your employees that the platform will make their lives easier.

Of course, your move to the cloud is likely to differ significantly from any IT project you’ve ever done. The stakes are higher because the change impacts tools that employees use every day. It’ll affect everyone in the organization, from the C-level to the mailroom, across every group that uses a computer to do their jobs. If they don’t truly believe the platform will help them, they won’t really pay attention when you try to teach it to them, and they won’t explore its potential. Sure, maybe they’ll figure out how to use it at a basic level, but they won’t ever take advantage of those advanced features you paid so much for.

If creating that culture sounds hard…well, it’s not as hard as it sounds, either. Because the Cloud Alliance for Google Apps has your back. We’ve produced a FREE guide designed for execs, IT Admins, Google Apps partners, and anyone else invested in organizational change.

The Business Transformation Guide for Google Apps

Go ahead. Take it.



In the Business Transformation Guide for Google Apps, you’ll find:

  • Actionable change management plans for companies moving to Google Apps.
  • Analysis of the applications in the platform, and the ways each can transform your business.
  • A plan for creating the culture of transformation critical to a successful transition.



About the Cloud Alliance

The Cloud Alliance for Google Apps, of which BetterCloud is the founding member, is a collective of independent software vendors whose products make Google Apps more useful to enterprises in lots of different ways. Serving as the only consortium of third-party products integrated with Google Apps, the Cloud Alliance advocates for the developer community surrounding Google Apps and seeks to advance the entire ecosystem.