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Dig safeguards sensitive information with BetterCloud’s Content Scanning

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 Challenge:Rather than buying in bulk from large distributors to drive costs down, Dig relies on intellectual property and savvy use of SaaS technologies to succeed, which makes data protection a primary concern. Dig tries to balance trust and watchfulness, while promoting an inclusive culture. Solution: Implemented BetterCloud to secure and manage user interactions across SaaS…

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BuzzFeed ensures security compliance with BetterCloud

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Challenge:Unencumbered by legacy systems, it embraced SaaS apps, and G Suite in particular, to scale. But as BuzzFeed’s use of SaaS grew, so did its need for greater visibility into the SaaS applications in its environment. Solution: Implemented BetterCloud to manage and secure user actions, including bulk updates to Google Groups Automated manual tasks associated…

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