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Media Company Increases IT Efficiency by Automating Manual Tasks

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Challenge: The director of corporate IT at a digital media company manages a team of seven, which supports upwards of 800 people across the globe. As the leader of the IT department, he had two main areas he was looking to automate – user lifecycle management (ULM) and the management of SaaS apps, specifically Google…

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Narvar Improves Security Controls with BetterCloud

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For organizations that have 100% cloud based IT infrastructure, one key responsibility for the in-house IT team is security. Making sure that only the right people have access to the right information requires constant juggling as new documents are created, apps are added or retired, and as staff members are hired or leave. Challenge: Philip…

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Ibotta Eliminates Hours of Manual IT Work Through Automation with BetterCloud

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Ibotta is a free cash back rewards and payments app that gives consumers real cash for everyday purchases when they shop and pay through the app. The company provides thousands of ways to earn cash on purchases by partnering with more than 1,500 brands and retailers. Ibotta has paid out over $1 billion in cash…

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Wave increases productivity by automating multiple IT processes with BetterCloud

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Wave provides small business owners with the tools they need to easily manage their finances. Its platform empowers millions of customers to take control of their accounting, invoicing, expense tracking, and payroll. For both security and availability, Wave uses SaaS applications for all its internal operations—and app integration delivered by BetterCloud improves efficiency across the…

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Mapbox upholds compliance standards and increases IT efficiency using BetterCloud

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Challenge As he joined Mapbox, the Head of IT, Security & Compliance, was tasked with building out an extensive automation system for employee lifecycle management. Additionally, the Mapbox Head of IT, Security & Compliance wanted to implement measures to uphold Mapbox’s standards in data privacy, data security, monitoring, management, and alerting. One of the first…

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ClassPass scales internationally with BetterCloud

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Challenge:As of January 2019, the company was operating in 80 markets in 15 countries, with plans to expand significantly in the coming year. Along with that growth has come a pressing need for automation, as ClassPass’s three SaaSOps professionals bear the responsibility for onboarding and offboarding employees around the world. Solution: ClassPass replaced repetitive manual…

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Achievement First achieves great results with BetterCloud

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Challenge:By having high expectations, outstanding education, and best-of-breed technologies, Achievement First have digital learning programs such as ST Math and Zearn that promote deep conceptual understanding.  The organization sought best-in-class tools to help mitigate risks that student information would be inadvertently exposed or that students would connect to sites that exposed the school to malware.…

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The ACME Network gains visibility, operates efficiently and securely, and saves money with BetterCloud

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Challenge:The ACME Network brings the workplace—its world-class experts, standards, and practices—into the educational environment on an ongoing basis, leveling the playing field for all learners, closing the gap between school content and industry expectations, and facilitating seamless college and career pathways for students in middle school through college. At the ACME Network of Schools, educators…

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New Visions for Public Schools gives extra credit to BetterCloud for SaaS visibility

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Challenge: New Visions was looking for a tool that would streamline management tasks across their SaaS applications and give them visibility into user activity and found what they need in BetterCloud Solution: Implemented BetterCloud to provision and deprovision users of G Suite, Slack, and Zendesk Set up alerts to notify IT of suspicious activity Monitored…

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Strada Education Network unifies seven affiliates with BetterCloud

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Challenge: Seeking to scale its impact, the Indianapolis-based nonprofit acquired seven mission-aligned entities and got to work bringing them under one technology umbrella. Solution: • Strada put in place flexible digital workplaces using technologies such as Slack Enterprise Grid for communication, G Suite and Office 365 for productivity, and Okta for Universal Directory and Single…

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