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Dig safeguards sensitive information with BetterCloud’s Content Scanning

Rather than buying in bulk from large distributors to drive costs down, Dig relies on intellectual property and savvy use of SaaS technologies to succeed, which makes data protection a primary concern. Dig tries to balance trust and watchfulness, while promoting an inclusive culture.


  • Implemented BetterCloud to secure and manage user interactions across SaaS applications
  • Created alerts and policies to search for sensitive information, such as financial information, social security numbers, or employer identification numbers
  • Replaced 20+ manual steps with automated workflows that handle onboarding and offboarding


  • Achieved visibility into application settings, user configurations, and data security, including how documents are shared internally
  • Protected sensitive information with Content Scanning
  • Saved hours each week by automating manual tasks
  • Reduced the risk of data exposure as a result of human error and minimized insider threats
  • Gained ability to identify and remediate policy violations and prevent security vulnerabilities, including data leaks and breaches

Use Cases

File security
Incident response
Insider threats
User lifecycle management
Visibility & auditability


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