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Global IT slashes onboarding time by 75%


An IT support engineer at a leading cloud data protection and management company has a lean IT team of 10 to support employees in multiple departments spanning across the globe in 6 regions.

Before BetterCloud, keeping track of every license and application, including onboarding and offboarding, was a manual process.

With a commitment to efficiency and automation, the IT team began researching the best SaaS management platforms for lifecycle management and chose BetterCloud.


From the very start of onboarding an employee to managing their offboarding, it was overwhelming to manage groups, apps, and titles changing amongst multiple departments spanning multiple countries.

There’s tons of tools out there that can do similar things to BetterCloud, but none of them are geared towards employee life cycles specifically. Especially when it comes to ease of use.”

In addition to their tech stack, the team leveraged BetterCloud’s extensive integrations with applications such as Salesforce, Okta, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Jira, Box, Freshservice, Calendly, Slack, and Zoom. These integrations streamlined and automated their workflows, and enhanced their ability to manage user lifecycle events effectively.

Onboarding and offboarding made effortless

“Before BetterCloud, offboarding took 30 to 40 minutes per person. Now, it’s less than 10 minutes, saving us valuable time,” said the support engineer. BetterCloud’s efficiency in offboarding was particularly impressive, making a tangible impact on daily operations.

The IT support engineer built customized workflows based on the user’s region and department.

For the onboarding automation, once a new user is imported from their HRIS system to Okta, the workflow automatically adds the designated apps and Google aliases based on their department.

Similarly with offboarding automation, BetterCloud automatically deactivates and then deletes users’ app access after the import from their HRIS deactivates users from Okta.

Enhanced security measures

BetterCloud’s security features also stood out. For instance, when a phishing email affected multiple employees, BetterCloud allowed the IT team to delete the email from all inboxes with just a few clicks, enhancing the company’s security posture.

In the past, when employees received a known phishing email, security has asked us to delete the email for all inboxes. Normally, we’d have to manually go in. But BetterCloud provides an option where you can select a group of users and delete the email from their inbox.”

Streamlining user requests

With BetterCloud, IT admins can quickly locate and manage secondary calendars, streamlining the process of granting access to specific calendars.

“It’s really hard for an admin to search for secondary calendars,” said the support engineer. “BetterCloud has made it easy for us to easily provide somebody access to the calendars they’re looking for.”

This not only saves time, but also ensures that users get the access they need promptly, enhancing productivity across the organization.

The power of branching

The most useful feature? Workflow Branching aka Dynamic Workflows.

With multiple departments across 6 global regions, individual workflows would force this IT team to play the role of detective to locate the appropriate workflow for a given user.

The team at this cloud protection company is grateful for the ease of use when it comes to branching because they don’t have to hunt through multiple workflows to make refinements for things like naming conventions and onboarding new software.

With branches, all of the workflows are condensed so we can have the granularity we need to view different departments for audits and additions or removal of apps.”

Partnering with BetterCloud for success

The IT support engineer and the IT team at this cloud data protection company are focused on efficiency and are eager to continue to reduce time spent on tedious tasks, enhancing the lives of everyone involved.

Branching itself gives us the opportunity to do more complicated things with these departments. Specific conditions with else/if and else is huge. We’re looking forward to building those workflows out in the future.”

By implementing BetterCloud, the company has transformed its IT operations, saving time, enhancing security, and paving the way for future automation. BetterCloud’s user-friendly interface, coupled with robust support, has empowered the lean IT team to streamline its processes and focus on delivering value to its employees and customers now and into the future.

It’s just easy to use BetterCloud.”


BetterCloud slashed offboarding time by 75%

Workflow branching enhanced granularity for improved auditing

Enhanced visibility helped the IT team shoot down phishing threats in a heartbeat

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