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The strategic CIO manifesto

The Strategic CIO Manifesto

The role of the CIO needs to evolve. But how do you get started? Packed with actionable guidance and strategies, The Strategic CIO Manifesto explains how to turn your IT department into strategic, proactive business partners.

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The SaaS management platform mega checklist

Illustration of a person sitting with a laptop and a checklist.

For IT teams looking to discover, manage, and secure their SaaS apps, this guide is packed with the intel you need to select the right SaaS management platform for your business.

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Cheat your way to IT success with zero touch automation

Cheat Your Way to IT Success With Zero Touch Automation

IT is under an incredible amount of pressure to spend more time on strategic initiatives and less time on repetitive manual tasks. We’ll show you how to unlock 5 “cheat codes” that can increase your IT team’s efficiency.

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