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The SaaS management platform
mega checklist

How to buy an SMP and stop a helpdesk meltdown

Remote work is now the “new normal,” and many IT teams are struggling to keep up. As SaaS usage grows, and the demands of remote workers fill up ticket queues, IT has never needed a SaaS management platform (SMP) more than now. The right SMP can save IT hours of time, reduce the number of incoming helpdesk tickets, protect sensitive data, and keep employees productive.

However, the market for potential solutions is crowded. The wrong solution can cost your team more than it saves. Our handy mega checklist is here to make sure your IT team gets the critical capabilities you need, in a platform your team can actually use.

The SaaS Management Platform Mega Checklist cover

Our mega checklist has everything you need to know:

How to tell if an SMP will help

The core capabilities of an SMP

Tips for navigating a crowded vendor marketplace

Evaluating your return on investment

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